Nick Greiner, the only other premier to resign over ICAC- ABC April 2014

Comments on ICAC
Comments on ICAC in ABC Interview with Eleanor Hall

ELEANOR HALL: And just finally Mr Greiner, given that it’s only really managed to claim two Liberal premier scalps, do you ever regret setting up the ICAC?

NICK GREINER: No I don’t Eleanor and I don’t really… I mean I understand whenever these things happen people argue about some of the particular behaviours – are the public hearings necessary, are they sort of show trials, more inclined to be trying to change public ideas and so on.

I think you can see what’s happening around Australia – there have actually been almost every state, I think practically every state, now has a version of ICAC so I have no regrets about it.

Sometimes ICAC makes mistakes. ICAC has just got flesh and blood lawyers and others working there. Sometimes they make errors of judgement but I don’t think you should throw the baby out with the bathwater. I think it is clear, and I’m sure this is Mr O’Farrell’s point of view, the institution is important. You might argue around the edges about some of the behaviours or the processes, but by and large the idea of an independent, anti-corruption commission for the public sector has to be an enduring part of our lives, I think.

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