Jim Viets Performs the Mining Permit Blues

Mining Permit Blues
Mining Permit Blues


Song by Jim Viets launched in the Pilbara for National Mining and Related Industries Day, 22nd November 2015.

Mining Permit Blues – Jim Viets



Jim Viets, lyrics and music
Geoff Thompson, additional vocals
Jim Kimo West, lead guitar, electric bass and audio engineering
James Elliott Viets, video editing

4 thoughts on “Jim Viets Performs the Mining Permit Blues

    1. The sad thing is this is so true. In particular, NSW is a basket case if you are trying to get a mining project approved. Look at Drayton South, Mt Thorley, Springvale not to mention the theft of the Doyles Creek asset by a misimnformed State Government in Jan 2014.

      1. Hi

        I disagree with your “misinformed” claim. Its patently obvious this was a political “fix” right from the word go.

        The Nationals under Andrew Stoner referred the Doyles Creek training mine approval to ICAC whilst in opposition. As a couple of National Party MP’s were feeding information and providing impetus to the Anti Doyles Creek mob!

        The ICAC pre-Ipp examined and found no case to answer. If you sift through Ipp and Brahm’s merde you will see that public servants offered Macca 3 choices with regard to Doyles. One of those options were followed.

        O’Farrell and Hatcher knew this, but wanted to soil labor as much as possible. After their landslide election victory they used parliament to force ICAC to investigate.

        If you read Hartchers press release on the referral you will see that he uses the same terminology as Ipp in his final report. M&M were “mates” etc etc.

        For Hartcher the Doyles ICAC circus was a win win. He’d destroy labor for a generation and “toss the dog a bone” keeping ICAC’s eye from his “dealings”.

        ICAC were briefed Ipp knew what was expected of him and set about “building a case”

        The rest is history as they say. Hopefully the truth will emerge regarding Ipps M.O. and the guiding hand of the premiers office.

        NSW politics is indeed murky but not for the reasons one would expect!!

        1. Will T- you certainly seem to know how the game was played. Thanks for your input as we all think something drastically smells in this shambles!

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