Ray Hadley supports innocent NuCoal shareholders….

After taking the time to read all the detail and understand the truth in this matter, Ray Hadley from 2GB interviewed NuCoal Managing Director, Glen Lewis today. Refreshing to have someone as notable as Ray seeing how unjust this fiasco has become.

Listen to the short radio clip courtesy of 2GB –

2 thoughts on “Ray Hadley supports innocent NuCoal shareholders….

  1. Great to see someone with the integrity of Ray Hadley taking the time to understand what destruction has been inflicted on innocent people. Now for the Politicians to understand the tragic error they have made by hastily pushing through destructive legislation that few, if any, at the time understood……………..

    1. Agree JFA. More public facing media people need to understand what happened to 1. fix it, and 2. prevent it happening again. WTF!

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